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Welcome to Rajaka Community website

The Main Aim of This website is to unite all the Rajaka Community People all around the world.By This we can help ourselves to our community Members in Education,Employment and other needs.The Young People who are From Rajaka Community Should think to Strengthen our Community.There is no need to Spend Money to Do Such things.All the Young People Should do is to Keep a network of our Community through Social Networking and other Platforms like this website So that People the Young People will get Benefits in the Form of Training and Employment.

In India,we can see many religions.Among them Hindu Religion is the one which has Centuries of history.In the Hindu Religion we have Different Communities."Rajaka / Chakali " is also one of the Community.Now-a-days the Young generation are not knowing about the Culture and the Traditions of their Community and Religion.Here in this website we are trying to place the History,Culture and Traditions of our Rajaka Community,Andhra Pradesh in the website.It is becoming very hard to collect the information with Few Members.Hence we request every Rajaka Community Member to Share the details of our Culture and Traditions so that we can share those details to all the People in the State through website and Social Networking Platforms.

Need of More Support From the People of Rajaka Community

Today we have more opportunities around the world.Even though many people are in need of help.Even from our community many people are facing problems like unemployment and Education.As an Educated People Let us all unite For a Good Cause and Let us walk For our Community People Development all around the State